Kemko® Coatings

Kemko® Coatings Are Intended Primarily For Use In Industrial Applications As Protection From Corrosive Acids, Alkalis And Solvents As Well As Fuels, Oils And Greases.

Kemko® Coatings

Kemko® coatings are intended primarily for use in industrial applications as protection from corrosive acids, alkalis and solvents as well as fuels, oils and greases. All of our coatings are 100% solids, are low odor, are not flammable, have very low shrinkage, contain no solvents, and have very low VOCs so they can be used almost anywhere. Most are capable of being installed on damp substrates and we also make a couple of underwater coatings for fresh or salt water.

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Kemko® 005 Hichem Coat

Coating/Surface with Resistance to Strong Industrial Chemicals

Kemko® 36 Marine Structure Coat

Epoxy Coating for Marine Structures

Kemko® 048 Marine Structure Hibuild Coat

Epoxy High Build Coating for Marine Structures

Kemko® 064 LV Utility Coat

Low Viscosity Flexible Epoxy Utility Coating

Kemko® 070 Florwal Coat

Coatinging with Resistance to Industrial Chemicals

Kemko® 141 QuikPrime

Primer for Damp or Wet Substrates or Green Concrete

Kemko® 161 CSA Coat

Coating/Surfacing with Resistance to Concentrated Sulfuric Acid

Kemko® 181 Polyurea Membrane

Elastomeric, Polyurea Membrane

Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer

Ultra Low Viscosity Cracked Deck/Slab Coating and Repair Primer

Kemko® 234 FC Coat

Long Profile Coating that Resists Common Chemcials Can be Used for Dry Bulk Food Contact

Kemko® 246 MVR Primer

For Moisture Vapor Reduction of on-Grade Concrete Floors

Kemko® 322 Healer Sealer

Ultra-Low Viscosity, Very Fast Curing, Epoxy Adhesive for Pressure Injection

Kemko® 2500-SS

Aromatic Slow-Set Polyurea Spray System

Kemko® A-1 Asphalt Coat

Chemical Resistant Asphalt Pavement

Kemko® MultiPrime

Modified Urethane Primer