Kemko® 141 QuikPrime

Primer for Damp or Wet Substrates or Green Concrete


Kemko® 141 QuikPrime is a two-component, solvent- free epoxy primer designed for primer coating dry, damp and wet substrates in preparation for installation of a wide variety of urethane, polyurea and epoxy products. Typical applications include the prime coating of concrete and steel substrates in rebuilding damaged joint nosing, repairing spalled and deteriorated concrete and sealing non- structural cracks in concrete. Kemko® 141 can also be used as a primecoat in green concrete provided that the substrate can tolerate a vapor barrier early in its cure cycle. The product’s short cure cycle, tolerance of surface dampness, low viscosity, excellent cold weather performance and high bond strength to prepared surfaces make it ideally suited as a multipurpose primer. Determination of the bond strength of Kemko® 141 + topcoat to the prepared substrate particularly under low temperature, damp conditions prior to installation is recommended.


Kemko® 141 QuikPrime is specifically formulated to bond urethanes, polyureas and epoxies to dry, damp and wet construction substrates. Prime coating substrates with Kemko® 141 significantly improves the bond strength of the subsequently applied coatings or grouts, particularly to damp substrates. The product has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and a fast cure cycle for short downtimes. The components do not contain volatile solvents (VOC’s)

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