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ChemCo Systems is an established manufacturer of construction polymers with a focus on epoxy and polyurea based on 2-part high solids reactive products. In addition to our own products, we manufacture a variety of private label items and perform toll manufacturing for other companies

Dual Component Pumps for Kemko® Applicators

ChemCo Systems offers three dual component portable epoxy metering pumps on a low-cost lease basis exclusively to our licensed Kemko® applicators specializing in concrete repair and protection. All three pumps are designed and built by us with the concrete repair contractor in mind and a focus on trouble-free performance with durability engineered throughout. The image to the left illustrates our pressure test unit for the Model B. In addition to our best-of-class Model B epoxy crack injection pump, we offer the Model C bulk gel/paste pump and the Model D saw cut/floor joint filler pump. Each pump is designed to insure that A:B component ratio performance is maintained to greater than 95% accuracy. As an integral part of our Kemko® applicator program, hands-on training covering the use and maintenance of these pumps is offered at no charge in small classes for 1-1/2 days several times per year at our headquarters near San Francisco, CA.

Pump Parts and Service

We offer full support (parts and service) for Kemko® Models B, C and D pumps. Most parts are available from us via overnight express. Our inventory includes common items like fittings, valves, gauges and pressure switches to the internal seals and gear pumps. Specialty items such as mix heads, internal and external hoses, rubber injection tips and mix brushes are also stocked. Previously we offered service and parts for epoxy injection pumps manufactured by Adhesive Engineering, including the SCB® Model 20 pumps but this service was discontinued in 2008.

If the maintenance or repair problem is too difficult for the contractor’s personnel, we offer our shop services at a surprisingly low cost on a rapid turnaround basis. If available, we will arrange a temporary rental pump so your crews don’t have to stand around.

Epoxy Injection Ports

After years of promoting taped ports as being the most economical and efficient way to get epoxy into cracks, we determined that enough customers are using epoxy injection surface concrete crack injection portsports at least part of the time these days so we ought to offer our version. We thought about it a bit and came up with some unique designs. The Kemko® ports are fabricated using PE (B32) or nylon (B30) (your choice) that bonds with epoxy incredibly well so your ports shouldn’t blow off without pulling a bit of concrete. Since the port’s plug is integral with the port, you don’t have to pay extra for a cap to seal each port. The B30 is a surface port and the B32 is a drill-in port for 1/2 inch core holes. Both ports work well with the 1/8″ npt brass quick disconnects in male and female versions to connect the mix-head to ports. Give us a call if you’d like to try a few.

Crack Scope

So how the heck do you figure out if the cracks you see need some sort of special treatment? The answer is: measure them. We have a pocket size microscope for measuring crack widths in concrete that is perfect for this task. It comes with a side mounted light so you can use it in some of the darker places you are likely to find cracks. The American Concrete Institute (ACI) committee 224 has issued some handy guidelines (see tech faqs) for owners, architects and engineers to help determine the need for epoxy injection based on the structural use and local environment of the concrete depending on the crack width and environment. The pocket crack scope is handy even if you have survived to the age that you need reading glasses–you don’t need your glasses to use it–but it won’t help with that restaurant menu in the dark. Please call us if you’d like to try one (or more).

For those who need a shortcut and don’t mind a bit of potential inaccuracy, we also offer transparent plastic crack gauges that are the size of a business card. If you need a couple, we can usually send these free of charge.

Call or email us if you need an epoxy crack injection tool that you don’t see here–we’d like the opportunity to help you find it.