CCS™ Grouts

Patching And Control Joint Epoxies And Polyureas (Includes FAA P606 Grout)

CCS™ Grouts

CCS Grout products feature a wide selection of semi-rigid epoxies and polyureas for filling control joints in concrete floors–particularly industrial floors (for a reference standard, see ACI 302.1R). These semi-rigid products are designed to: resist difficult environments, absorb heavy wheel loads, protect joint corners, prevent contamination of shrinkage cracks and maintain aesthetics. These products may also function as high voltage insulators for filling saw-cuts after the insertion of wiring for induction loops

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CCS™ Grout, Dowel/Rebar/Bolt, SWL

Epoxy Paste Adhesive for Dowel, Rebar and Bolt Grouting

CCS™ Grout S

Urea Silicate Grout

CCS™ Grout, Dowel/Rebar/Bolt, LWL

Epoxy Paste Adhesive for Dowel, Rebar and Bolt Grouting

CCS™ Grout I

Hydrophilic Polyurethane Water Cut-off Prepolymer

CCS™ Grout II

Flexible Hydrophobic Polyurethane Foam

CCS™ Grout IV

Hydrophobic Polyurethane Water Cut-off Polymer

CCS™ Grout, Control Joint

Flexible Epoxy Sealant for Control Joints, Sawcuts, and Detector

CCS™ Grout, Control Joint-HB

Tough Epoxy Grout for Airport Wire Slots and Light Cans (FAA P606)

CCS™ Grout, Polyurea LWL

Elastomeric Polyurea Binder for Joints, Nosing and Spall Repair

CCS™ Grout, Polyurea SWL

Elastomeric Polyurea Binder for Joint Filling, Nosing and Spall Repair


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