Product Analysis

Product Requirement Analysis and Specification Writing

With the combination of our field experience and laboratory technical expertise, we can aid in the analysis of product requirements for routine as well as difficult applications. We have worked on an extensive list of projects including:

  • Structural Repair of Damaged Concrete
  • Structural Grout Installation
  • Rebar and Dowel Setting
  • Protection Against Chemical Attack
  • Waterproofing
  • External Reinforcement
  • Static Charge Dissipation
  • Seismic Upgrade and Repair
  • Joint and Nosing Repair
  • Underwater Repair
  • Restoration of Cracked or Delaminated Wood Beams
  • Industrial Plants
  • Food and Chemical Processing
  • Railways and Airports
  • Segmental Bridge Adhesives

Product requirement analysis and recommendations are frequently formalized by the provision of specifications for their use and application. This service is available to owners or their representatives, specifying engineers who desire our expertise and contractors who want assurance of the suitability of specified materials or systems.

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