Application & Development

Product & Application Development

ChemCo Systems chemists have wide ranging experience in formulating polymer products, including aggregate extended systems for:

  • Pressure Grouting (Epoxy Injection)
  • Structural Bonding
  • Underwater Repair
  • Polymer Wear Surfacings and Overlays
  • Machine Grouts
  • Industrial Floor and Wall Protection
  • Secondary Containment
  • Adhesive Bonded Steel, Carbon and Glass Reinforcement
  • General Concrete Repair Applications
  • Specialized Fatigue Testing

In addition, our design engineers have successfully developed two-component application equipment systems that accurately proportion and mix materials ranging from low viscosity injection resins to non-sag pastes and hot applied asphalt modified epoxy systems. The latest technology in exotic, high performance sealing materials, static and dynamic mixing devices and computer controlled mass flow measurement have been employed in the design of this equipment which is noted for its practical simplicity, ruggedness and reliability. Call us if to inquire about our capability to build a specialized piece of metering and mixing equipment for your needs

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