Kemko® 161 CSA Coat

Coating/Surfacing with Resistance to Concentrated Sulfuric Acid


Kemko® 161, CSA Coat is a two-component, rigid, novolac epoxy coating with excellent resistance to concentrated sulfuric acid,other strong acids and bases and many chemicals found in industrial environments. When seeded or blended with aggregate,it can be used on properly prepared concrete and steel substrates to provide a chemical resistant surface with excellent slip/skid resistance and wear characteristics.


Kemko® 161 will bond to properly prepared dry and damp substrates and cures to a tough, blush-free, tile-like surface. In outdoor use, the coating is freeze-thaw resistant and will not embrittle but will acquire a chalky surface when exposed to sunlight. Kemko® 161 is a 100% solids product and contains no volatile organic solvents (VOC’s). It has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and can be applied by brush, roller or with two-component spray equipment. Kemko® 161 is resistant to strong mineral acids and bases as well as organic acids such as acetic and lactic in moderate concentrations.

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