Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer

Ultra Low Viscosity Cracked Deck/Slab Coating and Repair Primer


Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer is a two- component, very fast curing, low viscosity epoxy coating with resistance to most oils,greases and road salts. It is designed for topical application on porous and/or cracked concrete including bridge decks, loading docks and high use industrial floors. Kemko® 186 provides a high degree of surface wetting for excellent penetration into cracks as fine as 2 mils and voids of stressed or worn substrates. It also functions as an excellent fast-set primer for helping bond either rigid or elastomeric coatings over distressed substrates.


Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer exhibits excellent resistance to water, aqueous salt solutions and motor fuels, does not embrittle when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and is environmentally safe. it has a convenient 4:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and is formulated for single coat applications. It contains no volatile solvents (VET’s). The fast cure minimizes downtime and traffic disruption. Compared to high molecular weight methacrylates, Kemko® 186 Epoxy Healer/ Sealer has a much higher flash point and lower odor, is less brittle the cured polymer has greater strength than HMWM. It is not subject to UV “inhibition of cure” as sometimes affects HMWM materials and can be used on polyester based polymer concrete overlays.

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