CCS™ Grout, Control Joint

Flexible Epoxy Sealant for Control Joints, Sawcuts, and Detector


CCS™ Grout, Control Joint is a two-component, fast curing, flexible epoxy for filling control joints, wire slots (as a detector loop sealant), and other saw cuts in concrete and asphalt. The cured product has excellent impact and abrasion resistance and good resistance to deicing chemicals and most automotive and aircraft fluids. It has low water absorption and high dielectric strength making it ideally suited for embedding wire and traffic detection loops in concrete and asphalt pavements and for filling properly prepared saw cut control joints in interior concrete slabs. Control Joint also may be used for bonding precast concrete curbing to concrete and asphalt substrates. Conforms to ACI 302.1R guidelines for floors and slabs.


  • Convenient 1: 1, by Vol. Mix Ratio
  • Fast Cure for Short Downtime
  • Does not Embrittle; Stays Tough and Flexible
  • Resists Road, Auto and Aircraft Chemicals
  • Environmentally Safe - No VOC Solvents, O g/l
  • Tolerates Damp Substrates Unlike Other Materials
  • Higher Bond and Tensile Strengths than Polyurethanes and Polyesters
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