CCS™ Bonder 217 Security Seal

Epoxy Paste for Filling, Fairing, Leveling and Bonding Security Sealant


CCS™ Bonder 217 is a two-component, high modulus, structural; epoxy paste adhesive for application on vertical, overhead, and floor surfaces. Primary uses include fairing and leveling uneven concrete, filling of wide slots, cracks, gaps, and voids in concrete and masonry, bonding of rigid construction materials, e.g., hardened concrete, masonry, stone, steel, wood, and FRP to themselves or each other and anchoring bolts, dowels, and rebar into horizontal and overhead oriented holes and slots in concrete, masonry stone or wood. CCS™ Bonder 217 bonds to dry, damp, and wet substrates and can be applied up to 3/4-inch-thick without sag or flow.


  • Filling Wide Slots, Cracks, Gaps and Voids; Fairing and Leveling Uneven Surfaces.
  • Bonding Rigid Precast Segments to Themselves or Each Other.
  • Pick Proof Security Sealant Toughened with Kevlar® for Precast Panel Joints in Jails and Detention Centers.
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