TrafficGuard™ PM

Two Component Reflective Traffic Marker Bonding Agent


TrafficGuard PM is a 2:1 polyurea designed to deliver high performance pavement markings on both asphalt and concrete roadways. TrafficGuard PM provides an extended gel time for securing reflective media while delivering a track-free line in under 2 minutes, eliminating lane closures and coning, creating a safer work zone for drivers and contractors.


  • Equipment Friendly Low Viscosity Formula for a Predictable Flow and Even Mix That Delivers Fast Drying Crisp Lines.
  • Quick Return to Traffic Time with a Track Free of Under 2 Minutes Allowing for Moving Operations and No Line Pick Up of Freshly Installed Markings.
  • High Build Capability of Up to 60 Mils Without Affecting Dry Times or Physical Properties.
  • UV Resistant and Color Stable in Extreme Heat and Sunlight.
  • Versatile Performance Properties that Provide Exterior Line Toughness and Surface Movement that Resists Seasonal Freeze/ Thaw Cycles.
  • Protects Roads With 100% Solids Chemistry that Resists Shrinkage and Pavement Surface Cracking.
  • Technical Service and Personal Respect from Industry Professionals.
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