TrafficGuard™ JS

Two-Component Elastomeric Sealant


TrafficGuard JS is a 2-component elastomeric sealing polymer system designed to act as a crack and joint filler. This material provides exceptional adhesion characteristics and fast cure times. It is highly chemical resistant, insensitive to water, abrasion resistant and remains thermally stable in a range of -20°F (-29°C) to 250°F (125°C). TrafficGuard JS is used in cracks and joints on both concrete and asphalt roadways,bridge decks, expansion joints and may also be used in roadway repairs.


  • Installation Friendly With Low Viscosity Formula and Easy Flow for Application with Equipment, by Hand or Cartridge Gun.
  • Self-Leveling Properties that Allow for Easy Applications and Smooth Finished Joints
  • Durable with a Tough Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Exterior and Flexible for Expansion and Contraction Greater Than 50% in Joints
  • Quick Return to Open Traffic and Working Operations
  • Resistant to Weather and Water.
  • Technical Service and Personal Respect from Industry Professionals
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