TrafficGuard™ HM

Single Component Hybrid Marking


TrafficGuard HM is a single component Hybrid Marking product designed to deliver high performance pavement markings for all roads under all conditions. TrafficGuard HM provides a combination of strong surface adhesion and reflective media retention built to create long lasting pavement markings for safe travel.


  • Installation Ready and Contractor Friendly Through a One-Part Delivery System.
  • All-Purpose Durable Pavement Marking Designed for Equipment Convenience and Traffic Safety.
  • Quick to Dry Under a Wide Temperature Range for Longer Striping Seasons.
  • Strong Bond Strength to Road Surfaces and Excellent Retention of Reflective Media for Long Lasting Reflective Lines.
  • UV and Weather Resistant Properties Providing a Color Stable Line Under Extreme Temperature Changes.
  • High Abrasion and Chemical Resistance Through Combination of Hardness and Elongation Properties.
  • Technical Service and Personal Respect from Industry Professionals.
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