Kemko® 189 Polyurea SWL

Fast Set Elastomer for Control Joints and Spall Repair


Kemko® 189, Polyurea Binder is a two-component, elastomeric, polyurea binder designed for interior and exterior use. Neat binder is used for filling non-structural cracks, sawcuts and control joints in concrete. Typically, control joints are filled to full depth with mixed polyurea with a slight overage to allow the partially cured elastomer to be trimmed flush to the surface with a knife-edge. Blended with suitable aggregate, Kemko® 189 mortars, concretes and flow-able grouts may be used for rebuilding damaged joint nosing and repairing spalled and deteriorated concrete.


Unlike other elastomeric polyurea binders, Kemko® 189 does not embrittle nor degrade when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time and is environmentally safe. The product has a convenient 1:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and a fast cure cycle for short downtimes. Kemko® 189 is formulated for balanced elasticity and toughness and is freeze- thaw resistant. The components do not contain volatile solvents (VOC’s). Complies with ACI 302.1R guidelines for floors and slabs.

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