Kemko® 157 DA Binder

Epoxy Binder for Decorative Aggregate Surfacings


Kemko® 157, DA Binder is a two-component, light-colored, low viscosity epoxy binder and primer designed specifically for bindingdecorative aggregate surfacing in residential, commercial, and institutional environments. Surfacing made with Kemko® 157 aresuitable for both interior and exterior applications (see below, Limitations) and are most frequently installed on patios, pool decks,walkways, stair risers, driveways, and prefabricated, decorative building panels. Kemko® 157 is a non-conductive binder that can be usedin conjunction with certain aggregates to provide insulating floors for power substations (a typical example is a light rail substation).


The binder’s resistance to wear and impact, environmental extremes and common chemicals make it ideally suited for a variety of decorative surfacing applications. Decorative aggregate surfacing made with Kemko® 157, DA Binder are slip-resistant and readily drain away water from the surface. The product has a convenient 2:1 (by vol.) mixing ratio and low viscosity for high aggregate loading and complete wetting of the aggregate particles. Kemko® 157, DA Binder may be applied on dry and damp substrates. The components do not contain volatile solvents (VOCs).

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