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Since the 1950’s, our industry leading products are formulated for use by specialty contractors (and mro facility engineers) for structural concrete bonding, patching, crack repair, floor joint filler, spall repair, protective coating and surface restoration. We offer solutions for extreme environments including underwater, corrosive, abrasive and extreme temperatures. We manufacture 2-component liquid and paste metering pumps for epoxy  crack injection, repair of shrinkage cracks, slab delamination, voids, placement of steel and FRP anchors and  dowels for seismic retrofit or strength upgrades.

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Epoxy Asphalt

Unmatched Durability of 40+ YearsOutstanding Fatigue Resistance Fast InstallRenewable, Bio-Sourced Polymer

From the mid-1960s, Epoxy Asphalt Concrete pavement had demonstrated proven durabilty in one of the toughest flexible pavement applications, providing the surfacing for long span bridges with orthopropic steel decks.


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Customers in the concrete repair business tell us repeatedly that our equipment is the best in the industry. We’d like to add that our applicator training is still free and is available several times a year.

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