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Kemko polymer based overlays are used to protect concrete surfaces from mechanical loads, chemical attack and to provide a wearing surface for concrete and steel surfaces in critical areas. The typical overlay system is a mortar pre-pared by blending an appropriate polymer binder with selected aggregate and pigments or other fillers. It is applied by trowel or screed in thicknesses of 1/8" or more. Polymer overlays provide a tough surface which lowers the effect of loads on the substrate while providing increased resistance to impact, wear and abrasion.

Polymer overlay mortars are used to provide a wearing surface, fill in shallow depressions, add slope for drainage, repair defects and provide a cleanable, skid resistant surface. Overlays of this type are capable of resisting forklift traffic, steel wheel loads, impact from objects dropped onto the floor and other severe physical abuse.

In conjunction with sand and aggregates, Kemko binders are used to make patching compounds, joint materials overlays, flooring compositions and concretes. In outdoor application these products must be able to stress relieve to compensate for the effects of cure shrinkage and possible exotherms during cure and thermal contraction (KEMKO 047 Lo Mod Binder and KEMKO 128 FlexDek Binder).

Some applications require protection against both chemical attack and mechanical loading. To serve both these functions, the binder must retain its strength when exposed to chemicals. Chemical resistant mortars are used to surface floors in chemical plants, paper mills, metal plating areas, battery handling areas, power plants, refineries, breweries, wineries, dairies, food processing plants, and in bottling and canning operations.

Deck binders extended with sand are applied either as pre-mix systems that require sophisticated machinery or in roll-seed-roll applications that have a high manual labor content. The thickness of such applications seldom exceeds 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Epoxy concretes are sometimes used when the concrete substrate is suspect and in conditions when high tensile and compressive strengths of the patches and overlays are required.

In applications where aesthetics are critical, special effects can be achieved by incorporating decorative aggregate into clear polymer binders to produce a pleasing appearance. Such toppings are used for entrances and lobbies in buildings, walkways and for delineating aisle ways.

The KEMKO GP Flooring is recommended for indoor use in foot traffic areas. The product possesses an optimum combination of physical and chemical resistance properties. KEMKO 157 DA Flooring can provide attractive indoor flooring when employed with color quartz and other colored sands. For outdoor use similar attractive formulations can be made. KEMKO 132 Polyurea Binder is an elastomeric, low viscosity material that can be used in conjunction with sand to patch concrete and form joint nosings. Unextended, the product has been used to fill joints and wide cracks in concrete. Without a primer the product bonds well to concrete. In critical applications and when dampness of the concrete substrate can be anticipated, use of the polyurea primer becomes mandatory.

Kemko Binder MSDS Primary Uses Features
047 LoMod MSDS A MSDS B Low modulus mortar binder for spall and joint repair, slurry coats and overlays Versatile and flexible with excellent bonds to dissimilar substrates
005 HiChem MSDS A MSDS B Secondary containment, storage areas, tankfarms, sewer pipes Acid resistance, several colors including red
128 FlexDek MSDS A MSDS B Flexible binder for concrete deck slurry coats Fast open time
082 GP MSDS A MSDS B looring Universal binder for trowel applied flooring applications Rigid, high strength
157 DA Flooring MSDS A MSDS B Clear epoxy binder for decorative aggregate surfacing High chalking and anti-fade resistance
132 Polyurea Binder MSDS A MSDS B Polyurea binder for nosing and joint applications and spall repair, reasonable working time Low cost fast setting flexible binder
141 QuikPrime MSDS A MSDS B Epoxy primer for polyureas and epoxies, optional use on dry substrates; required use on damp substrates. Acts as vapor barrier. Works with all of our polyureas and epoxies under many difficult conditions. Effective on green concrete.

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