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Kemko coatings are intended primarily for use in industrial applications as protection from corrosive acids, alkalis and solvents as well as fuels, oils and greases. All of our coatings are 100% solids, are low odor, are not flammable, have very low shrinkage, contain no solvents, and have very low VOCs so they can be used almost anywhere. Most are capable of being installed on damp substrates and we also make a couple of underwater coatings for fresh or salt water. A wide selection of epoxies and a quick curing, very flexible polyurea membrane are available with the capability of resisting up to 94% sulfuric acid.

Kemko epoxy-based coatings require no primer but in some circumstances the desired film thickness may require a build up of multiple coats. Polyurea Membrane offers high flexibility and very fast cure (can be opened in ~2 hours) without the need to spray it through specialized (heated impingement mixing) equipment—it can be placed manually by roller or squeegee. All of these coatings can be skid-proofed by embedding sand or grit into the surface layer or back-rolling a thin coverage over the broadcast particles. Please call us with your specific need or refer to our chemical resistance guide (PDF file).

Chemical Resistant Concrete Coatingschemcical resistant concrete coatingmarine concrete coating

Kemko Coating MSDS Primary Uses Features
070 FlorWal MSDS A   MSDS B Industrial floors, walls Excellent solvent resistance
005 HiChem MSDS A    MSDS B Secondary containment, storage areas, tankfarms, sewer pipes Acid resistance, several colors including red
161 Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Coating MSDS A    MSDS B Resists 95% sulfuric at room temperature Novolac epoxy with extreme chemical resistance
064UC and 064 LV Coatings LV-A, LV-B; UC-A   UC-B Driving ramps and other high use areas Most flexible of our epoxies, choice of viscosities, low cost
A-1 for Asphalt or Concrete MSDS A    MSDS B Pavement coating for loading areas Resists automotive fluids, very flexible, low cost
036 Marine Structures MSDS A    MSDS B Coating for concrete, steel, and wood marine structures, salt or fresh water Two coat application, Kevlar™ reinforced
048 Hi Build Marine Structures MSDS A    MSDS B Coating for concrete, steel, and wood marine structures, salt or fresh water Single coat resists tidal action, Kevlar™ reinforced
181 Polyurea, Membrane MSDS A    MSDS B Flexible fast curing deck coating Unique--ambient temperature cure, can be hand applied, re-open in 3-4 hours
186 Epoxy Healer/Sealer MSDS A    MSDS B To consolidate cracked decks Ultra low viscosity, clear, 0 VOC
234 FC Coat MSDS A    MSDS B Tough chemical resistant coating; noncorrosive hardener for direct contact with foods Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300 for direct contact: dry bulk and aqueous foods
246 MVR Primer MSDS A    MSDS B For damp or wet slabs with moisture vapor movement Reduces moisture vapor transmission from 15 lb. to under 2 lb.
141 QuikPrime MSDS A    MSDS B Epoxy primer for urethanes, polyureas and epoxies, in wet applications. Acts as vapor barrier. Works under difficult conditions including cold and wet. Effective on green concrete (24 hrs after placement).

All of our epoxy products are 0 VOC and compliant with the criteria for the IEQ4.1 low-emitting adhesives, sealants credit by the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in energy and Environmental Design) program.
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